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Catering Range
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Range
Salad and Desert Range
Powder Range
Powder Range
Cheese Range
Cheese Range
Convenience Range
Shalam Packaging Group

Shalam are one of the leading manufacturers of plastic containers, serving industry throughout Europe, South Africa, Middle East, and the USA.

Accredited with ISO 9002, HACCP Standard Production of Packaging Production for Food, and IQNET International Standard of Packaging Containers for Food Products and BRC Accredited in the UK.

New Investment In The UK

Shalam Group made a multi-million pound investment in the UK in 2009 to service and develop the growing participation in the UK container market.

The company acquired a three and a half acre site in Basildon, purchased new injection moulding machines, introduced advanced IML robotic labelling systems and developed new moulds to expand the product range.

This investment and the efficiencies of being an international group allows us to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices.

 Customer Service
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Worldwide we manufacture over 500 different containers in 12 separate ranges.

Economy Pails
Heavy-duty/UN Pails
Salad Box Range
Catering Packs
Ice Cream Tubs
Cartridges for Mastics
Cheese Containers
Convenience/ Micro
Powder Range
Wet Wipe Containers
Square Pail Range
Oval Range

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